98 on Physics Regents? I guess I met my goal of an 87.

In Dance Moms World, the ultimate gossip is in the closet.

So Silas (the first) just locked Stefan up and threw him into the water to starve (like Connor did to Angel). Meanwhile, Klaus (Angel) goes off the New Orleans (Los Angeles) but promises to still love Caroline (Buffy). However, Hayley (Cordelia) got in the way of Forwood (Willow/Xander) and will now get in the way of Klaroline (Bangel, though character-wise it’s more like Spuffy) because she is going to be on the Originals (Angel).

Very original, Julie.

This is my story of a girl who loved so easily. She wore her heart on her sleeve. The horrible thing I know I’ve done is hurt her, but I still loved her through everything. I did loose track of it at times. I know I made mistakes, I’ve made heartbreaking mistakes. But I’ve never stopped loving Serena I was scared of getting what I’ve always wanted and loosing it again. The people who are meant to be together will find their way back to each other, they may take detours but they are never lost but the hardest thing was to tell my mind to stop loving Serena when my heart still did and sometimes, no matter how much you want things to happen, all you can do is wait. And usually, waiting is the hardest part but you should love the person that makes you glad you are alive and Serena did that, she always has.  The story worth writing about Serena is that she still believes in love. She still believes happiness is waiting for all of us, and that our dreams are within our reach. She believes in goodness. She demonstrates goodness. She is full of hope and she delights in the hopefulness of others. That is what makes her golden.